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I Will Wait For You There
Wasn’t this photo taken by Simon Filip? Why isn’t there credit and why is there text over his lovely photograph? People are disrespectful. 1. If you are going to blog an image, there is this little thing called content source where you put the link to the artist’s photostream. 2. If you are going to take an image and put text over it, ask the artist for permission first, and if they say no that means NO.


Marri is to merry as merry is to happy. Age is to growth as growth is to old. Add it all together, and marriage equals being and growing old with the person you love. No, gender does not matter. No, sexuality does not matter. This means religion can not control your heart’s ways, and neither can…

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Conrad Veidt by Nachan
Green eyes, I’d run away with you 
Green eyes, ‘cause I’m a fool I try staying away
I’m just not man enough, I’m just not man enough
My, my own friends hate me 
But I don’t give a shit 
Sky high Will I fly high? Maybe 
Soar high, soar right through it

Oh god…reminds me of my ex…

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The Queen of all that is poetic!
Anne Sexton.

Perfectly beautiful. Inside and out.